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This blog was created for post news about our releases, such as stores where buy them, and other issues related with Mindlifting Records.

MLR0167 (Masaru Hinaiji – A Season Of Nostalgia)

Releases Posted on 2019-06-19 14:12:18

comes to Mindlifting Records a new artist from Japan, named ‘Masaru Hinaiji’.
He is really talented with a distinctive style very emotional and melodic,
already has been featured in some important labels of the trance scene and now
we are proud to welcome him in our label. He is not only an incredible trance
producer, also is virtuous playing piano, and we are pleased to bring you one
of his piano solo pieces. This release contains a tune named ‘A Season of
Nostalgia’, of his characteristic style in versions uplifting trance and the
mentioned piano solo. This is a really emotive masterpiece and we totally loved
it, of course we are sure that you will love it too, so this is 100%
recommended. You can’t miss this, enjoy!

MLB002 (Sampler 002)

Releases Posted on 2019-06-14 11:42:46

second sampler of Mindlifting Bundles is here and again we bring you a pack of
great trance tunes: ‘Ardashir’, who was introduced in our labels through the
previous sampler, come this time with an emotive track to his country and
cities that was flood and destroyed, it is named ‘Life Goes ON’. ‘New Earth’,
who we welcome in our labels, is a very good producer and brings a new and
quality uplifting trance remix of our track ‘Return to light’ by ‘Kriztian
Krooz Pres. Areia’, which was released through Tecnomind Music. ‘Mehdi Bey’
well known for us as he is one of our best producers, this time with a great
trance track for this sampler named ‘It’s Ok’. ‘Sublitrance’, recently
presented in our labels as new artist, and now is here with ‘Archangel’, a new stunning
uplifting trance tune with great strength and quality. And ‘Warmonger’, another
amazing producer in our labels in hard trance style, did again an awesome work
with a new track named ‘Hubris’, this has a very good melody. Definitely here
you have an amazing whole pack with variety of styles and all the tracks in are
really good. So, you can’t miss this complete. Enjoy it!

MLR0166 (Max Freedom – The Stranger)

Releases Posted on 2019-06-10 13:14:34

Freedom’ is back in Mindlifting Records, he is an excellent trance producer
that already released one track with us time ago. Now we bring to you a new
work from him, and this one sounds even better than the previous. A quality
uplifting trance tune named ‘The Stranger’ with a great melody and the base is
strong and clean, all sounds amazing and definitely is a very good work, so it
is highly recommended. You can’t miss this release, enjoy it!

(2019-06-03) MLR0165 (Alex Nomak & Miguel Angel Castellini – Revival)

Releases Posted on 2019-06-03 12:08:36

we are proud to present a collaboration between ‘Alex Nomak & Miguel Angel
Castellini’ the first one is a great producer of the trance scene who we
welcome in our labels, and the second whom you should know quite well since is
one of our best artists, besides being another important producer in the trance
scene. They make a really good team, and as result we bring to you one
uplifting trance track from them named ‘Revival’, that sounds totally amazing
with a very good melody and strong base. Definitely, it is a quality work
totally in our style, that’s why we love it and you will too for sure, so this
is 100% recommended. Don’t miss this release and enjoy!

MLR0164 (DJ Dani – Roses In Fire)

Releases Posted on 2019-05-27 12:58:47

are proud to present a new track by ‘DJ Dani’, he launched his first release
with us little time ago and this had a great success. Now we bring you another
of his tunes, named ‘Roses In Fire’, and this one augurs to go for the same way
of the previous, since is a really good work. This is also a quality track in
style uplifting trance, but has a more energetic melody and of course a strong
base. We totally love it and we are sure that you will too, so this is again a
100% recommended release that you can’t miss. Enjoy it!

MLR0163 (Ahmed Walid – Infinity / Shining In A Dark Night)

Releases Posted on 2019-05-21 13:43:31

‘Ahmed Walid’ is being one of our most habitual
artists in Tecnomind Music, and his successful is increasing. He also released
previously in Mindlifting as ‘Walid Adriano’, now returns with his new aka and
brings to us a great EP with 2 of his last tunes: ‘Infinity’ and ‘Shining In A
Dark Night’. Both are uplifting trance tracks of excellent quality, and
following the same line of his previous works with us. Here you have a great
release from an artist that is on the rise, and we wish much more for him. You
can’t miss this, enjoy!

MLR0162 (Shane Infinity – Last Destination)

Releases Posted on 2019-05-13 12:11:33

are proud to present a great artist of the trance scene, he is ‘Shane
Infinity’, coming from South Africa and we welcome him now in Mindlifting
Records. He already has a lot of releases in the music market and has being
supported by important DJs, now brings us one of his productions, named ‘Last
Destination’. It is one of this uplifting trance tunes with a melody of those
that we really love, transmitting good vibrations, also the base has a great
strength and definitely is a work of high quality. We are sure that you will
love it too, so this is a release very recommended. You can’t miss this, enjoy!

MLR0161 (Calvin O’Commor – Together)

Releases Posted on 2019-05-06 14:01:17

O’Commor’ is back in Mindlifting Records. His previous track with us is
currently being between the top tracks of the label, and now we are proud to
present you another of his gems. It is named ‘Together’, a quality uplifting
trance tune with a beautiful melody as is usual in this artist. We totally
loved it and of course trust that will be at least as successful as his
previous work, so it is 100% recommended for all the uplifting trance sounds
lovers. You can’t miss this release, enjoy!

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