The saga of ‘The Best of Tecnomind Music’ continues and we are very proud to bring you this time the Vol. 3 due to the 150 releases reached in our label brother. As always this contains a lot of original/remixes by our best artists, concretely this one comes with 22 tracks, all them previously released in Tecnomind Music + a special bonus set of one hour, mixed by myself as ‘Jose Bumps’. The Artists featured are: Abide, Aeolu5, Andrew Fraid, Benedict M, Bibhu Prasad Samantray, Catchfire, Chris Vandevelde, Christian C, Dan R, David Surok, Edplacid Patiño, Elgfrothi, Emarie, Euphoric Heart, Final Flight, Grande Piano, Greg Dusten, Hiddeminside, Ithur, Josh Pvoi, Marc de Buur, Marco Mc Neil, Masaru Hinaiji, Nakhiya, Precious Affliction, Puresoul, Roonie, Sanani, Santiago Ibañez, Sergiy Akinshin, Tashabu, Terra V., ZEUS, Zhiroc. You can’t miss this massive compilation complete, enjoy!