Mindlifting Bundles is proud to present ‘Lifting Mood Trance’, our first compilation with various tracks from other labels. This is the Vol. 1 of a saga and we expect will be big. For this time we bring you a bit of Hard Trance, Tech. Trance and principally Uplifting Trance tracks by: AlexRusShev, Christian C & Santiago Ibañez, Franco Landriel, Gayax, Johnny E, Lab4 & Baby Doc, Liquid Dream & Joorg Matt, Marco Mc Neil, Precious Affliction, Matthias Bishop, Mercurial Virus & String Theory, MIXER-K, Nico Cranxx, Redchild, ReMech, Sebastian Pawlica, Shugz & Billy Gillies and Sublitrance. Licenses from: Transorica Records, Black Hole Recordings, Alveda Music, Shamania Music, Antima Music, Modern Fusion Music, Redux Recordings, Nustromo Music, Lifted Trance Music, Ozran Records, Trance Temple Records and Trancespired Recordings. Also, includes two of our best tracks in Tecnomind Music and one exclusive track in Mindlifting Bundles. You can’t miss this complete, enjoy!