are very proud that one of our labels reaches the 50 Releases, and very
grateful to you for the big support to this project, because this is what make
it possible. Thank you all!! This occasion deserves something big, so here we
bring you a special compilation with the best till now released in Tecnomind
Music. It was very difficult to choose the 15 tracks, since there are much
really quality ones that couldn’t be included. The last track is a special DJ
Set of 77 minutes nonstop mixed by ‘Sunday 9pm’, with his personal selection of
tracks. He opens this Mix with a brand new remix which he made of our track
‘Jose Bumps & Gayax – Here we are’. Here you can hear this remix as a
novelty, and stay tuned because we will launch it as the next release of Tecnomind
Music. For now, you can’t miss this special compilation complete. Enjoy it!