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This blog was created for post news about our releases, such as stores where buy them, and other issues related with Mindlifting Records.

MLB010 (Sampler 006)

Releases Posted on 2021-03-19 09:34:35

We have the pleasure to present now the Sampler 006 of Mindlifting Bundles, this time includes 4 awesome new tracks by: ‘Astral Shock’, ‘Master Beat Projekt’, ‘Number 3’ and ‘Warmonger’. The first 2 artists are debuting in our labels, so we proudly welcome them, and the last 2 already worked with us and again did great stuff. As is being habitual, the tracks are in different styles, and all them are very good works. Definitely is a pack recommended for all those who like the variety. You can’t miss this complete, enjoy!

MLB009 (The Best of Tecnomind Music Vol. 3 (Special 150 Releases))

Releases Posted on 2021-02-26 10:44:14

The saga of ‘The Best of Tecnomind Music’ continues and we are very proud to bring you this time the Vol. 3 due to the 150 releases reached in our label brother. As always this contains a lot of original/remixes by our best artists, concretely this one comes with 22 tracks, all them previously released in Tecnomind Music + a special bonus set of one hour, mixed by myself as ‘Jose Bumps’. The Artists featured are: Abide, Aeolu5, Andrew Fraid, Benedict M, Bibhu Prasad Samantray, Catchfire, Chris Vandevelde, Christian C, Dan R, David Surok, Edplacid Patiño, Elgfrothi, Emarie, Euphoric Heart, Final Flight, Grande Piano, Greg Dusten, Hiddeminside, Ithur, Josh Pvoi, Marc de Buur, Marco Mc Neil, Masaru Hinaiji, Nakhiya, Precious Affliction, Puresoul, Roonie, Sanani, Santiago Ibañez, Sergiy Akinshin, Tashabu, Terra V., ZEUS, Zhiroc. You can’t miss this massive compilation complete, enjoy!

MLB008 (Sampler 005)

Releases Posted on 2020-11-13 10:10:38

We are pleased to present the number 5 of our saga of Samplers, as always, this is full of very good tracks in different styles. For this occasion, we count with 7 awesome tunes, the most of them are produced by some of the top artists in our labels: ‘Henry Caster & Josh Pvoi’, ‘Jose Bumps’, ‘Ray’, ‘Roonie’ and ‘The Hunter’. Also, 2 new talents whom we proudly welcome: ‘Franc Mana’ and ‘Number 3’. All them did quality works, and the whole pack is definitely a very recommended one. So, you can’t miss this complete, enjoy!

MLB007 (The Best of Tecnomind Music Vol. 2 (Special 100 Releases))

Releases Posted on 2020-05-08 12:51:56

Our label brother Tecnomind Music is now celebrating another massive event, the release number 100, and worth doing something big for it. That’s why we bring you this great compilation, containing 21 stunning tracks, all them brand new remixes by our best producers + Continuous DJ Mix, once again by ‘Sunday 9pm’, undoubtedly one of the most professional and quality artists. The remixes comes by: ‘Victor Special’, ‘Mehdi Bey’, ‘Ahmed Walid’, ‘Miguel Angel Castellini’, ‘Euphoric Heart’, ‘Precious Affliction’, ‘Marco Mc Neil’, ‘Nicko’, ‘Franco Landriel’, ‘Patrick Mayers’, ‘GeorD’, ‘Marc de Buur’, ‘Renal Shamsutdinov’, ‘Vivit’, ‘W!SS’, ‘Gayax’, ‘Liquid Dream’ and ‘Sunday 9pm’. Absolutely all them are amazing, the most are uplifting, so is a seriously 100% recommended release. You can’t miss this complete, enjoy!

MLB006 (Sampler 004)

Releases Posted on 2020-03-27 12:53:57

Now is time to present the ‘Sampler 004’ of Mindlifting Bundles, as is habitual in this saga, we bring to you some new tracks in different styles of trance and electronic music. The artists of this works are: ‘Mohamed Ahmed’, ‘NuMar1’, ‘The Hunter’ and ‘TUBOE’, all they are new in our labels, so we proudly welcome them, and also ‘Ray’, one of our most successful artists. This time almost all the tracks came to us thanks to Yves from Alyf, whom we want to show our grateful for it through these lines. Definitely this pack is suitable to different kinds of musical tastes, since it have a great variety and all the tracks sounds quality, so here you have a release very recommended and you can’t miss this complete. Enjoy!

MLB005 (Lifting Mood Trance)

Releases Posted on 2020-01-31 11:15:28

Mindlifting Bundles is proud to present ‘Lifting Mood Trance’, our first compilation with various tracks from other labels. This is the Vol. 1 of a saga and we expect will be big. For this time we bring you a bit of Hard Trance, Tech. Trance and principally Uplifting Trance tracks by: AlexRusShev, Christian C & Santiago Ibañez, Franco Landriel, Gayax, Johnny E, Lab4 & Baby Doc, Liquid Dream & Joorg Matt, Marco Mc Neil, Precious Affliction, Matthias Bishop, Mercurial Virus & String Theory, MIXER-K, Nico Cranxx, Redchild, ReMech, Sebastian Pawlica, Shugz & Billy Gillies and Sublitrance. Licenses from: Transorica Records, Black Hole Recordings, Alveda Music, Shamania Music, Antima Music, Modern Fusion Music, Redux Recordings, Nustromo Music, Lifted Trance Music, Ozran Records, Trance Temple Records and Trancespired Recordings. Also, includes two of our best tracks in Tecnomind Music and one exclusive track in Mindlifting Bundles. You can’t miss this complete, enjoy!

MLB004 (Sampler 003)

Releases Posted on 2019-09-20 12:00:07

It’s time to present the ‘Sampler 003’ of Mindlifting Bundles, this time we bring you 6 new tunes by talented artists: ‘Dj XBoy’, whom you already should know with a couple of tracks in Mindlifting Records, now experimenting new style, he did an excellent Psy Trance tune named ‘Waiting for the answer’. ‘Jarvith Bhaut Perz’, debuts in our labels and we welcome him with an uplifting trance track of great strength, its name is ‘Inspiration’. ‘Kriztian Krooz Pres. Areia’, already released with us, and again brings to us a great uplifting trance tune ‘Fly in the chords’, in his distinctive style of powerful base and melodic strings. ‘Matt DIADEMA’, he just debuted with us with a remix through Tecnomind Music, and also brings for this sampler one of his original tunes named ‘Nocturna’ in the same style, Tech. Trance of great quality. ‘Ray’, one of our featured artists in our last compilation ‘The Best of Tecnomind Music’, now brings another excellent work for this sampler, a tune named ‘Solarised’ totally in his style. And ‘Rodri Santos’, we welcome him as new artist with us, very talented making uplifting trance, and brings a tune named ‘The Curse’ with very good vibes in the melody and strong base. So, here you have an awesome pack of very good tracks, and you can’t miss this complete. Enjoy it!

MLR0170 (Nakhiya – Alpha Aurigae)

Releases Posted on 2019-07-19 12:42:41

of our most featured artists lately, ‘Nakhiya’, is back in Mindlifting Records.
All what he do has always a great reaction form the public and we totally love
his style, that’s the why we are very glad to work with him. Once again, he
brings to us one of his magic melodies; the track is named ‘Alpha Aurigae’ and
follows the same line of the tunes we previously released from him. We totally
loved it and you will too for sure, so here you have a release very
recommended. You can’t miss this, enjoy!

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